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We offer a wide range of safe and secure payment methods, European, Caribbean or American, specific to everyone’s wishes in EUR, USD, ANG and with all commonly used payment methods like iDeal, debit- & credit card, Bancontact, Sentoo, Local bank transfer etc.

Please note that the Local bank transfer option is not an instant payment method and is therefore available up to two business days before the start of the event. This to make sure we’ve received your payment, matched it manually and are able to send your tickets.

At the product page, after selecting your ticket and amount of tickets, please click “continue”. After choosing your payment currency and payment method you can click the button: “Checkout".

By doing this, you get redirected to our account page where you can fill in your details. After creating the account and completing your address or by logging in, you get redirected to one of our payment processors.

When paying in EURO, you get redirected to our handler, they process the payment and after paying redirect you back to us with the message that you have paid or failed to pay.

When paying in USD, you get redirected to our 3D-Secure credit card page where you enter your details and process your payment. After paying, they redirect you back to us with the message that you have paid or failed to pay.

When paying in ANG, you get either redirected to the Sentoo payment page to process your payment instantly, or you are being redirected to our Local bank transfer payment details page.
Sentoo processes the payment, and they redirect you back to us with the message that you have paid or failed to pay. 
The Local bank transfer option will show you the payment information and will mark your payment as pending. Payment information is also sent by e-mail. Please process your local bank transfer within the given time frame. 

When paying with Fun Miles, you are asked to verify your payment by entering your Fun Miles password. We process the payment, and notify you with the message that you have paid or failed to pay. 

Depending on the chosen method and actions, we either send your ticket(s) instantly, tell you your payment is pending or tell you your order has failed and to please try again.

Not able to order? Contact our support department.

The service fee consists of a commission and a transaction fee.

The amount of the service fee depends on the number of tickets, the transaction amount and the desired payment method.

Yes, our website is fully compatible with all PC's and mobile devices.

Card payments: Visa & Mastercard

We accept all major cards from Visa & Mastercard, both DEBIT and CREDIT cards.

When buying tickets, just choose the $ (USD) option and then click the credit card icon.

Discover and American Express cards cannot be used.


A failed card transaction can have multiple reasons. Most common ones are:

  • You used an AMEX card. Only Visa / Mastercard is supported. 
  • 3D Secure 2 is not enabled on your card. 
  • Card-not-present transactions are not available for your card. 

Card fraud is a big issue nowadays. We have taken certain measures to prevent fraud, however, this might result in a less fluent ordering experience. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Local cards
We have investigated compatibility of local debit and credit cards in Curaçao. Please read the item Supported local cards? below for more information.

3D Secure 2
For extra fraud protection, 3D Secure (3DS) requires customers to complete an additional verification step with the card issuer when paying. 3D Secure 2 has to be enabled on your card to process a payment. Without this, your transaction will fail. 

Contact the financial institute who issued your card, they might be able to help you to enable 3D Secure 2, card-not-present transactions or investigate further.

Unfortunately, not all banks in the Dutch Caribbean offer a compatible card to process online payments on our platform.

Our survey in Q2 2024 gave the following results:

MCB debit: compatible
MCB credit: compatible
Orco bank debit: not compatible
Vidanova debit: not compatible

Incorrect or want to provide us with additional information? Please inform us via support.

We think it is very important that we only offer safe payment methods. For this reason, we require 3DSecure 2, known as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

Please note that 3DS2 needs to be activated on your card, otherwise your payment will fail. If it is activated, you will be asked to verify your payment by an additional security check. 

If you have not registered your card for 3DSecure 2 yet, your bank will ask you to go through a verification process. This is a new security standard to protect you against internet fraud. This is a 1-time registration only and will not need to re-register thereafter. After registering, you can use your credit card to complete your payment.

If you haven’t registered your Visa or MasterCard for 3DSecure 2 yet, you can sign up for Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode at your bank.

Note: Credit Limit of Gift/Money cards are US$ 0. When it requests “account number”, please do not mix this up with your card number. You can find this account number on your credit card statement and the last 4-6 digits will differentiate from your card number.

First, if you are overthinking a chargeback on your credit card, please reach out to us first. Contact our support department with the reason for this and we will get in touch with you a.s.a.p.


No, all sales are final. Refunds are only given if an event, voucher or activity is canceled by the organizer.

However, you are free to sell your ticket. It is not mandatory to have a ticket on the new ticket owner's name, however, in case of suspected fraud, we can ask to provide the original buyer’s ID and/or proof of payment. To adjust the name on the tickets, please contact our support department.

After an ID-check, we will be happy to assist you with transferring the tickets. Please note our Curaçaoan business hours (GMT -4).

Beware of any age-restrictions when transferring your ticket to someone else.

If an event is canceled the event organizer will get in touch with you. In case of a cancellation you will receive a full refund on your bought tickets (Ticket + Service Fee). The refund process is only started after organizers approval.

Caribbean Ticketshop only sells tickets for organizers; we do not own the tickets and do not put together their policy. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for a rough ride, bad weather, mismanagement etcetera. Please contact the organizer and explain them your issue. Their information can be found at the event page tab “Organisation”.

Ticket sale automatically closes 1 hour prior to the start of the event unless sold out or otherwise determined by the event organizer.


Sentoo payments are done using the mobile banking app or the online banking website of your own bank. All payment details, such as amount, and description, are pre-filled automatically, and you instantly know if your Sentoo payment was successful. This also means that you instantly receive your tickets, without a delay!

If you are paying with Sentoo and you are not able to select your bank, this means that your bank is not yet offering Sentoo as a service. Please contact your own bank for more information.

Sentoo is free for customers. The regular service fee of Caribbean Ticketshop applies.

Sentoo is based on mobile- and internet banking of your own bank. An online payment with Sentoo is safe. The transaction takes place in within the secure bank environment that uses multi-factor authentication such as a fingerprint, facial recognition, token, or e-pass.


Your tickets can be downloaded from My Account and are also sent to the provided e-mail address within minutes after the payment is successfully processed.

Print your tickets or download and show them on your phone to get access to the event. Some organizers like the printed version for their administration, if so, this will be clearly advertised. Folding your ticket is allowed but try to keep the codes clean.

To avoid queues at the entrance we ask you to keep your ticket at hand when entering the event. No printer? Download the PDF file to your phone and show it at the entrance.

That's it, all you got to do now is enjoy!

Processed tickets can be downloaded from My Account and are also sent to the provided e-mail address within minutes after the payment is successfully processed. Did you follow all the steps without an error? Is the payment processed?

If, for some reason, you did not receive your tickets please follow these steps:

First, check the status of your order on the My Orders page in My Account. If your order is paid you can download your tickets at the My Tickets page.

Make sure your ticket isn't in your SPAM-folder in your e-mail. Especially hotmail is known for their strict policy.

Then, check if the payment is deducted from your bank account. If not, something went wrong and you did not buy any tickets. Please try again.

Still no luck? Is the amount deducted from your account? Please contact our support department.

Yes, you can. It is not mandatory to have a ticket on your name, however, in case of suspected fraud, we can ask you to provide the buyer’s ID and/or proof of payment. To adjust the name on the tickets, please contact our support department.

After an ID-check, we will be happy to assist you with transferring the tickets. Please note our Curaçaoan business hours (GMT -4).

Fun Miles

  1. Choose your event or activity
  2. Choose your tickets and select Fun Miles as your currency.
  3. Then choose Add Card.
  4. In the popup window, add your Card number and then enter your PIN and click on Save.
  5. Check your order and press Checkout.
  6. Please register for your personal account when you are a new customer. If you already have an account, you can now log in.
  7. After logging in you can now complete your order by entering your PIN.

Processed tickets can be downloaded from My Account and are also sent to the provided e-mail address within minutes after the transaction is successfully processed

If you do not have a PIN or forgot your PIN, you can visit the Fun Miles website to get yours: www.funmiles.net

Or visit the Fun Miles office to apply for a new one.

You save 20 fun miles per ticket, this will be added to your card immediately after you complete your order. Even when redeeming your Fun Miles, you save 20 Fun Miles per ticket!
In the near future we will implement this feature. For now, it is not possible.
The Fun Miles welcome pack is available for only ANG 10.00/AWG 10.00/USD 6.00 at the Fun Miles office or at all participating companies where you can save Fun Miles. It contains your card, your registration form, useful information and a few nice surprises.

When you are able to link your Fun Miles card, see your balance but your Checkout fails, most likely your card is not registered or your card is blocked by Fun Miles.

Please register your card at www.funmiles.net or contact Fun Miles to solve this issue.

Tours & Activities

Please contact the organization where you booked your trip. Rebooking your activity may be possible, but depends on the organizers' terms and conditions. If known, we advertise their rebooking-policy on the activity page.

Contact information can be found at the activity page tab “Organisation”.

We do not refund your tickets, all sales are final.

Yes, they can. A boat can break down and people can get sick. In case of a cancellation by the organization, they will contact you and you will receive a full refund on your bought tickets (Ticket + Service Fee).

Browse our Tours & Acitivties section and find your voucher.

Please read the conditions carefully, they contain information regarding the expiration date, how to redeem your voucher etcetera. You can find the conditions at the product page of the voucher that you are interested in.

After buying the voucher, you will receive your e-voucher which has the redeeming information on it.

No, you cannot. Please use your voucher before the expiration date, otherwise it looses its value.


Yes, off course! We offer a wide variety of opportunities to sell your tickets, we are up for it! Not only will we sell your tickets thru our own channels, but even better; we provide you with the tools to sell your tickets on your own website and facebook-page! We will only let you do the thing you love most, your business! Extensive stats, quick payout etc. Visit our Become a Partner-page to start selling a.s.a.p!

For now we focus on the Caribbean since we are home-based here and believe local support is important in the whole process. Interested in becoming part of Caribbean Ticketshop? Please contact our sales department, we are always open for business!

You can download our General Terms and Conditions here (in Dutch).

Modifications and errors are reserved.

Since we need to have all customer service in writing for various reasons, we do not handle support over the phone. Please contact us via support with your questions/problems. Our preferred language is English or Dutch.


Paying on this website is very safe. Not only are we certified with a SSL-certificate, next to that, we DO NOT store your payment details. This means only the payment processors know them and since their platforms are also well protected agains attacks, hackers etcetera, you can be confident your details are not being abused.

Yes, all the pages you visit on our website are fully SSL-certified.