About Us

Caribbean Ticketshop is the online ticket service for the Caribbean. Based in Curaçao, our platform is custom-built in-house and continuously being developed to keep satisfying our customers and their needs.
With our European roots, 100% custom-made software and our own developers, we got the necessary skill set and experience to further perfectionize our platform.
We use our European and Caribbean ESCROW accounts to protect your money. This means, whatever happens, your money is safe with us!

Our responsive website, usable on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.


Our ticket buyers are being supported by our support staff for seamless functioning of our product and service. 

The first steps for an organizer in selling their tickets online are guided by our sales team, led by Mr. Verheijen. Any special requests? We are happy to find the best solution together.

At Caribbean Ticketshop we believe selling your tickets online should not just be an extra opportunity to sell, but also a great marketing instrument with on-the-go stats, seamless integration and lots of customizing options. Who still wants the regular nowadays?

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