Glennis Grace LIVE at MOOD

Mood Beach, Curaçao   29-12-2018   19:00

Glennis Grace LIVE at MOOD

MOOD Beach Curacao presents Glennis Grace LIVE at MOOD

End your 2018 with a sublime evening with the angelic vocals of renowned Dutch artist, Glennis Grace, LIVE at MOOD Beach. Follow this event page to stay up to date.

▬▬▬ ♬ Glennis Grace ♬ ▬▬▬
Glennis Grace is one of Netherlands' top performers. She's been making hits ever since her breakthrough in 1994 and is a regular on the Dutch TOP 40. Some of her biggest hits include ‘Als je mij weer aankijkt’ and ‘Afscheid’.

Her appearance on America's Got Talent did not go unnoticed. After a tense journey, Glennis made it the top 10 in the though talent show. With an upcoming tour across the United States, she's set to conquer the world!!

▬▬▬ ℹ LINE UP ℹ ▬▬▬
✪ Glennis Grace (NL)
✪ Harlianne ''Yentje'' Silvanie
✪ DJ

▬▬▬ ℹ TICKETS ℹ ▬▬▬
Early Bird fl 75,-
General fl 100,-

▬▬▬ ℹ GENERAL INFO ℹ ▬▬▬
✪ Date ✪ Saturday 29th December 2018
✪ Location ✪ MOOD Beach Curacao
✪ Time ✪ 19:00 – 01:00
✪ Age ✪ Alcohol 18+ ✪

Organisation: Cabana Beach
Phone: +5999 4651589

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